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Heren Loebas creates visual stories that are so creative that people want to see them.

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Heren Loebas is a creative studio on a mission to leave a playful mark on the world. We take pride in creating impactful designs, brands & advertisements. By crafting visual stories that connect hearts, ignite twinkling eyes and leave the audience in wonder. With the patience of a gentleman and the cheekiness of a loebas.

Art Director

/ Co-founder

Peter Van de Sijpe

This gentleman knows a thing or two of the graphical abracadabra. With his catchy designs, he’ll do whatever it takes to create a brand image that exceeds your expectations. Whenever ready, he launches a colorful charm offensive to your clients and unleashes the quintessence of creativity on your project. Giving your organisation that brand new look from logo and packaging design to a marketing campaign.

Art Director
/ Co-founder

Stijn D'Hondt

This gentleman is a senior soul trapped in a young body. People suspect he may use the fountain of youth as his favorite source of inspiration. He eats witty puns for breakfast and masters the indispensable power of the story. With years of expertise in advertising, online strategy, concept and design, he’s more than ready to provide creative and practical answers to your brand questions. Especially if you don’t know the question yet.

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Whatever your goal or challenge is, we’ll make sure to put the right gentle man or woman in the right place.

Whether you’re a small startup, or a government institution… As a tailor-made team, we build and rebuild your brand’s story with the strongest possible conceptual foundation, until it’s pixel perfect.

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It takes two to tango, but a team to steal the show. Heren Loebas works with a carefully curated network of strategists, brand makers, copywriters, illustrators and developers.

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We work for international brands, small businesses and warm-hearted social initiatives who believe in our philosophy.

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