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Vilnius, WOOLF city

/ 5x5 innovatietraject

concept / graphic design / streetwear /souvenirs

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In 2021, five Lithuanian companies started the 5x5 innovation project, set up by Design Region Kortrijk and Kaunas, the European Cultural Capital of 2022. Two of them were paired with Flemish designers, one of which was Heren Loebas.

Creative briefing

Our proverbial journey began with the need for a tourism product aimed at a younger audience. A product that could become an iconic souvenir, like I AMsterdam, the 'Ampelman' or I (heart) NY.

So we travelled to Lithuania to discover the country, its people and culture. After visiting Vilnius, the journey took us to Elektrėnai, Kaunas, Šiauliai, Klaipeda, Nida and all the way back. We looked, tasted, touched, smelt and, above all, experienced the country. All to find this one element to work with.

Behind the scenes

In our search, we did not land directly on the iron wolf. Other concepts were weighed, suggested and not retained.

This fascinating journey eventually led us to the iron wolf, the mythical symbol of Vilnius. Our design of this mythical creature is not only based on its historical background and its roots in the city of Vilnius. We combine it with a fun twist and link to Kaunas, as Lithuania's second city, by using geometric shapes and lines as a link to modernism. The overall rough edge and blocky structure are a subtle nod to the brutalist architecture found throughout the country and more specifically to the Ninth Fortress memorial.

The combination of all these influences resulted in a modern approach to a classically known story. It is taken to the next level and given the chance to become an iconic reference for generations to come.

5x5 expo in Zalgirio Arena

The results of the collaboration between the various companies will be exhibited in Kaunas as part of Kaunas European Capital of Culture 2022. Of course, this project could not be missing there either. We are therefore happy to share some atmospheric images.

Winning team

Special thanks to Designregio Kortrijk and Jūratė Tutlytė for selecting and smoothly guiding this project.

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