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#B401 Bruggenbouwers

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The B401 viaduct, also called the flyover, was built in the 70s and forms the connection between the various motorways and the city ring. But the fly-over also carries car traffic to the historic city center of Ghent. A situation that is no longer of this time and puts too much pressure on urban mobility and quality of life.

Creative briefing

For a city like Ghent it is important to involve its inhabitants in the future plans for the city. Making the trajectory of the study team Tractebel and 51N4E accessible to residents was the fascinating starting point of this project. This resulted in building a community around the future vision for the well-known fly-over.

Behind the scenes

The starting point of this campaign are the so-called 'bridge builders': citizens who each have their own vision of the future of the B401 become the face of the campaign. Bridge builders are dreamers and doers. But above all good listeners, mediators and conciliators. They feel like no other what their environment is concerned about and are perfectly capable of responding appropriately. Bridge builders are reliable, connecting factors. Precisely because they can view things from a distance from different sides, they manage to unite different opinions and lift discussions to a higher level. Connecting people and inspiring them is their lust and their lives.

Future vision

The bridge builders are photographed and filmed with a visual link to their vision of the future. The style of the portraits is rough and raw and is based on typical portraits of builders. We resolutely chose to work with real Ghentians. These campaign images and videos are used on various media such as the website, posters, social media, .... The website gives Ghentians the opportunity to share their image for the future.

Meter-high portraits

More than a motorway or viaduct, it is a connecting road and a bridge between dreams and actions, present and future, citizens and policy. At the launch of the campaign, 4 photographic artworks were unveiled on the pillars of the viaduct. Portraits of bridge builders look straight at the drivers when they drive past the viaduct. Every two weeks a new new bridge builder is added and the viaduct is transformed into a grand open-air gallery of 14 portraits.

Winning team

Bas Bogaerts / fotografie
Lien De Ruyck / copywriting
Gieljan Van Goethem / video + montage
Het Objectief + Gelezen en Goedgekeurd / printen en aanbrengen portretten op viaduct

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