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Exhibition booth Bis-beurs

/ Kanvas spanplafonds

concept / graphic design / exhibition booth design

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For the first time in a year and a half, visitors were able to return to BIS-beurs. Even more than usual, it is important to catch the eye of the visitor. A challenge in which Kanvas spanplafonds certainly succeeded!

Creative briefing

The Kanvas spanplafonds team wanted to take the design of their booth a step further this year. In other years the booth received the necessary visitors, but after the corona pandemic it was, even more than usual, important to be there and show what the company stands for! Customization, perfection and an eye for details in combination with the most creative possibilities. One more reason to choose stretch ceilings or stretch walls in your home.

Behind the scenes

At BIS-beurs it is not only important to show your products, but also to take visitors along in a unique experience. This was therefore the starting point for the Kanvas booth. From the first moment you are taken into an exotic, dreamy, paradisiacal, soft pink world. The booth has been worked out in great detail by the Kanvas team itself. You can admire their craftsmanship throughout the entire stand.

The experience is continued in the custom-made partition wall with a large, circular opening, the golden light fittings from Wever & Ducré that were seamlessly integrated and the pastel-coloured footstools.

Paradise Instagram Photos

To complete the experience, the stand was provided with an Instagrammable decor. This gave the visitor the opportunity to take a paradisiacal photo and share it on social media. This way they had a chance to win a trip for 2. The photo booth already yielded a lot of nice photos!

Stand Design Award

Every year, the organizers of the BIS-beurs presented an award for the most beautiful stands at the fair. As icing on the exotic, fluffy pink velvet cake, the design of the Kanvas stand was awarded this award! A very nice recognition for all the work done.

Winning team

Thank you to team Kanvas for the great collaboration and converting the design into the real life booth!

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