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Ever since the Middle Ages, the Flemish Primitives have commanded international admiration. They headed out into the world as the finest ambassadors for Flemish culture, and they are still a rich source of inspiration for contemporary Flemish art, gastronomy, dance and more. What an excellent combination of past and present, lords and masters!

Creative briefing

From 2018 to 2020, all eyes will be on Flanders as the birthplace of the Flemish Primitives. It is the ideal moment to cash in on their reputation and that of their ‘home base’. Heren Loebas designed the various outlets for this masterly campaign, including a campaign video, three campaign images, six storytelling images and a brand bible.

Behind the scenes

Flanders and its master artists have so much more to offer than a glance at the most famous works. It is a total experience in the region they called home. Tourists can even explore the house where Rubens lived or experience the mystery of the Ghent Altarpiece.

This voyage of discovery also brings them into contact with contemporary makers and masters. Think chocolate makers, brewers and musicians... the interface between these different forms of craftsmanship became the theme of the international campaign.


In the dazzling, colourful campaign video, art and contemporary interpretations alternate at high speed. This encourages the press and trade to promote Flanders as the ultimate arts destination and persuade potential tourists of the great things Flanders has in store. The teaser was launched at the Flanders - Brussels Travel Forum 2016 and has since been distributed to more than 30 countries.

‘It is all too easy to fall back on tourist clichés. There’s a reason why Flanders’ slogan is State of the Art.'

Stijn & Peter

Campaign images

The cities of Ghent, Brussels and Antwerp are put in the spotlight as the home cities of Van Eyck, Brueghel and Rubens respectively. On the stylised graphic posters, the most important artworks merge visually with the most important buildings in the city. [Brand bible] Heren Loebas produced a complete house style handbook, intended to serve as a basis for all the communications about the Flemish Primitives for the next three years. This 75-page tome tells the story of the Flemish Primitives and offers a visual support for all communication channels.

Storytelling images

In the storytelling images, you see a reinterpretation of one of the most famous works by our old masters, linked to a Flemish speciality or contemporary Flemish mastery - from chocolate and beer to dance and cycling.


Heren loebas werkte een volledig huisstijlhandboek uit, dat als basis zal dienen voor alle communicatie rond Vlaamse Meesters gedurende de komende drie jaar. Deze bundel van 75 pagina’s vertelt het verhaal van de Vlaamse Meesters en biedt een visuele houvast voor alle communicatiekanalen.

'The video radiates the craftsmanship of our new and old masters. We want to awaken pride in Flanders and push our nice-but-boring image aside.’

Stijn & Peter

Winning team

Earlybirds Films / production company
Jimmy Kets / photography
Lien De Ruyck / copywriting
Aude Dewerchin Halkett / copywriting

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