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Wijkbudget Gent

/ Stad Gent

concept / storytelling / campaign / graphic design

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The Ghent City Council is launching the district budget 'wijkbudget' and is providing 6.25 million euros to make the 25 Ghent neighbourhoods (even) better together with its inhabitants. We already made sure of a large launch.

Creative briefing

For the next 4 years, the City of Ghent is freeing up money for projects of its inhabitants to make their neighbourhood (even) better. The district budget (successor to the citizen budget) offers a lot of possibilities for this. Through a participation project in the neighbourhoods and an online platform, the residents of the neighbourhoods get a chance to set up an idea, together with the city.

Behind the scenes

The district budget is a participation process in which the city wants to travel a route together with its inhabitants. Through co-creation, they can come together to make valuable concept proposals. This whole process takes place in 4 major phases, namely: idea, plan, project and implementation.

In the first phase, the aim is to gather as many ideas as possible. To inspire the people of Ghent and to make them think about their neighbourhood. To allow them to interact with each other and thus learn the wishes and needs of their neighbourhood, together with their neighbours. The launch campaign therefore focuses on this aspect.


In order to spread the message further to the general public, a video was also made that simultaneously announces the launch of the project and also explains the principle of the chairs. An atmospheric video that beautifully shows the authenticity of the different Ghent neighbourhoods.

Campaign launch

On September 4th, the city centre of Ghent woke up to 50 colossal, colourful viewing chairs on the Graslei and Korenlei. With this large-format stunt, the City of Ghent kicked off the new district budget. That same day, the chairs were given their 'permanent' place in the first 11 districts to be covered. This permanent place is rather relative: we invite the people of Ghent to look at their neighbourhood from a new perspective and be inspired for fun projects. For that you are not bound to one specific place and for that very reason the chairs may also be moved, in order to discover new places in your neighbourhood or see what others just think is important. In addition, the chairs create a meeting place, a place to exchange ideas, to engage in dialogue with your neighbours.

Belgian design

For the colourful viewing chairs, a conscious choice was made for home-grown design. It is design by Antwerp designer Lien Van Deuren (Hartwerp) and was produced in Zwevegem near Kortrijk. The seats were given their own recognisable colour palette and were made in 2 sizes: a high chair of 2.65 m and a lower version of 1.60 m.

Winning team

Hartwerp / Productdesign chairs
Lien De Ruyck / Copywriting
Bert Degraeve / Video
Thomas Sweertvaegher
/ Photography campaign images

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