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Grand Opening

/ Museum Hof van Busleyden

concept / storytelling / campaign images

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Mechelen is wellknown for its rich Burgundian history, the golden ages of the city. The collection of Museum Hof van Busleyden is the living proof. The museum underwent a true metamorphosis, a real gem to discover.

Creative briefing

For the grand opening of the renewed city palace in Mechelen, they needed a strong visual campaign to give the museum a face to the outside world. The museum, which was then still empty, would be the inspiring surrounding the fotoshoot of the campaign images. During the whole summer of 2018, these images will be used to announce the grand opening of the museum. 

Behind the scenes

The campaign itself consists of 3 campaign images. One by one the give the viewer a sneak peak of the renewed museum, without showing it all at once. The images perfectly reflect the appearance of the museum. An interesting cohesion between classical and modern, both in art and in architecture, are the starting point of it all. 

Aside from that, the look of the models has a specific focus. The viewer doesn't really know what they are looking at. In that way, we trigger the curiousity the viewer and trigger them to visit the museum and discover it themselves. 

The campaign is using different communication channels, such as stickers, posters, brochures, banners, digital screens, using public transport such as busses and railwaystations, etc... . 

"Hof van Busleyden transformed from a dusty display of historic pieces to and experiential museum. It bridges the gap between the past and the present."

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Winning team

Concept and creation: Heren Loebas

Photography: Lucas Despriet, Beeldcollectief

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