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Parenting week


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Only 27 per cent of families eat together, although mealtimes are the perfect moment to catch up with each other in a cosy setting. Heren Loebas drew attention to this important opportunity for family time with a remarkable campaign. Its final goal? A pleasant dinnertime conversation!

Creative briefing

In partnership with Expoo, the Expert Centre for Parenting Support, we developed a concept for ‘Parenting Week’. Parenting means laughing, crying, talking and eating together. Along with the production company DSD Imaging, we worked on a mouth-watering campaign video that was shared widely on social media and also made the national press.

Behind the scenes

The campaign film ‘What if an ordinary table turned into something special’ clearly captured the main characters: the table is the place where families catch up with each other, where they share emotions and where everyone can be who they really are.

During a short social experiment, we asked all the family members individually about their little secrets or things they didn’t dare tell each other. After the conversation, they were offered a shared meal in the living room. What they didn’t know was that their responses had been subtly incorporated into the table decorations.

In this way, the table revealed the ‘secrets’ bite by bite. This shared moment immediately turned into the perfect opportunity to talk things over and forge closer bonds with each other.

Winning team

DSD imaging / production company

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