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Like latter-day troubadours, Joris and Dominique travelled throughout Belgium for three years with their mobile radio station, pulling at the heartstrings of many a viewer each week. Even the threat of legal action from the inimitable Lady Gaga didn’t stop them from making their remarkable television programme for Canvas. And what about the logo? Everyone knows it by now!

Creative briefing

Canvas was working on a programme in which two presenters would travel around the country in search of lovely, moving stories. When they arrived at the location, they would set up camp – in their caravan – and invite local people to request music in exchange for a nice chat. Radio Gaga approached Heren Loebas for the programme’s visual storytelling. Right up our street!

Behind the scenes

The pirate radio stations from the 1970s were the inspiration for the logo. Just like Joris and Dominique, we wanted to keep everything as light-hearted as possible. We went looking for a positive note to accompany the laughter and tears coming from behind the microphone. The final result of this creative process was an ‘uncool’, colourful, seventies-style logo with a look and feel that perfectly captured the atmosphere of the caravan where the cheeky duo lived for weeks on end. Gaga!

However, the format of the program catches on very well. It can also be seen in both the Netherlands and Spain. And yes, the original logo is used there too!

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