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Shout your love of the windows

/ School4POWER

concept / art direction / storytelling / campaign

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Love demands attention, regularly repeating what the other means to us and how much we love our loved ones. Finding the right words for this is not always easy. Coaching organization School4POWER noted that this is a recurring problem for couples.

Creative briefing

As a coaching organization, School4POWER offers a wide range of training and coaching sessions, including relationship coaching and training. Within this specialization they concluded that it is a frequent - and recurring - problem with couples to put into words what they mean for each other. This was an interesting starting point for a heart-warming project in our beloved hometown.

Behind the scenes

In collaboration with School4POWER we gave people the opportunity to convey a message to their partner or a loved one. We did this by using ornate, handwritten love messages. These messages ended up on the window of the home of the person for whom it was intended. This way the love partner, or other loved one, received some fun, surprising or romantic words. A personal message that says a lot. But why exactly on a window? Because everyone can see it. In this way the whole neighborhood enjoys the love and brings people closer.


The action was a great success. More than 75 people were surprised with a loving message, the campaign attracted media attention (both regional and national media) through various channels and thus Ghent became for one day the warmest and most loving city in the country.

Winning team

Fieke Clinckemalie & Brecht Ducheaux / our diligent, helpful interns

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