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Heren Loebas creates visual stories that are so creative that people want to see them.

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Branding & moodvideo O'Contraire

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storytelling / brand identity / video / graphic design / webdesign

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Acrobats, cord dancers, fire eaters, dancers, flying confetti and balloons. It seems like a dream, but nothing is less true. Katleen Rens makes it all possible in the creative spectacles that she develops for her new business O’Contraire.

Creative briefing

For years, Katleen Rens has been the face of and the leading lady behind The Cast, producer of animations, acts and creative spectacles. With O’Contraire, Katleen wants to focus more on creative spectacles and take a new path as show director, both for her own company and commissioned by other event agencies. The shows are a beautiful expression of a unique sense of aesthetics and the most refined finesse.

Behind the scenes

As a sister of The Cast, O’Contraire deserves the necessary attention. The entire branding was preceded by determining the strategy and the correct positioning based on our trusted archetype determination and workshop. With O’Contraire, Katleen Rens wants to create a strong conceptual and visual profile. The branding immediately sets the right tone.

The complete corporate identity is worked out in black and white, a strong and striking contrast. The whole is kept sleek and sober, which gives the logo all the attention it deserves. The logo has an elegant, refined look that perfectly matches the image of O’Contraire.


The feeling of the brand identity is also continued in the design of the website. This is very simple, but refined, so that all the attention goes to the mood video. This sets the tone for the atmosphere in which Katleen Rens and her team develop shows. The beautiful black and white contrast is also clearly present here. Furthermore, no costs or effort were spared and all registers were opened for the realization of this high-end video. Among the flying scraps of paper (and balloons) and graceful dancers, we also see weird rabbit heads and other intriguing headpieces. As icing on the cake there was also a snake and a horse on the set.

Branding met een sterk karakter

De volledige huisstijl wordt uitgewerkt in zwart en wit, een sterk en sprekend contrast. Het geheel wordt strak en sober gehouden, waardoor het logo al de aandacht krijgt die het verdient. Het logo heeft een elegante, verfijnde uitstraling die perfect aansluit bij het imago van O’Contraire.

O'Contraire is een ambitieuze creatieve onderneming die grenzeloze creativiteit op maat brengt voor high-end experiences in elke vorm.

"O’Contraire is een ambitieuze creatieve onderneming die grenzeloze creativiteit op maat brengt voor high end experiences in elke vorm."

Katleen Rens - showdirector

Winning team

Beeldcollectief + Bloemkool productions / production and montage video
Frederick Deloddere / copywriting
Thomas Van Groenweghe / webdevelopement

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