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Acoustic panels

/ Meisterwerke

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Meisterwerke is an up-and-coming design label from Ghent. The duo are breathing new life into the forgotten art of weaving, creating classic wall panels with an unmistakeably modern touch. They refer to themselves as ‘creators of fine woven art’.

Creative briefing

To put Meisterwerke well and truly on the map and introduce their first collection to the public and potential buyers in the right way, they needed strong positioning and a house style. We started out with a blank canvas and added creative elements to provide a powerful visual presentation of the collection.


In this image-strengthening video, the focus is on craftsmanship with a glimpse of the elements that inspired the collection. From the traditional Gobelins technique to tattoo art, everything was infused with the house style colours in an edgy atmosphere. The contemporary interpretation of static, historic portraits catches the eye in the video. Music, maestro!


Mixing and matching different types of paper, colour tones and printing styles accentuate the prestigious character of the wall panels and immediately turn it into a more tactile experience.


The website is a masterpiece in all its simplicity. It has a clear structure and the house style colours make it feel familiar, completely in line with the mood video and catalogue.

Winning team

Thomas Van Groenweghe / webdevelopment

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