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#LGBT+ on sale

/ WelJongNietHetero

art direction / concept / graphic design / storytelling

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Advertisers sell us the perfect life with the happy, feel good family in the lead. Sadly, homosexuals or transgender people rarely emerge in this ideal world. However, many young people are waiting for subtle role models such as these. An ideal starting point for our advertisement for De Standaard Solidariteitsprijs and the accompanying action on the Meir for Wel Jong Niet Hetero.

Creative briefing

The call of young people for role models is greater than ever. Having someone to look up to, experiencing the same situations as yourself and creating a safe, secure feeling makes a world of difference. Role models for LGBT people showing the way? It is a starting point where we, as a society, have a significant share.

In soaps and films we sometimes see ambassadors, but in our Belgian advertising sector you have to look hard to find an example. That's why it seemed time to finally change this. De Standaard Solidariteitsprijs was an excellent opportunity for this.

Behind the scenes

With the advertisement, we make a clear call to our fellow advertisers: think a bit more about the people you cast for campaigns. Let gay and transgender people speak subtly (or less subtly ...). And not to forget, public figures, artists, athletes, politicians, ...: dare to be an LGBT+ role model, so that everyone can simply be themselves. That's why we place the LGBT+ models on sales, to give them more opportunities to get media attention.

However, the story does not end there. We open it up and actively look for role models of all kinds: known Flemish people, both homosexual and heterosexual, but also unknown Flemish people. People with their heart in the right place and a lot of sympathy for the LGBT+ community. They could go to the Meir in Antwerp (on the window of Peek & Cloppenburg) in order to give their voice extra strength.

The campaign also got quite some media-coverage, such as VRT NWS, Radio 2, Metro, Het Laatste Nieuws, ZIZO magazine, etc...

Winning team

Lien De Ruyck / copywriting

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