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Junior National Culinary Team

/ Horeca Vlaanderen

storytelling / productdesign / graphic design / art direction

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The 11-person Junior National Culinary Team is the promise team created to represent our country in various junior competitions. In February 2020 they took part in the Olympiade der Köche in Stuttgart, Germany.

Creative briefing

The mission of the junior team consists of various parts, including the preparation and presentation of finger foods and a buffet on corresponding matching plates and a platter. 3 fish dishes are served on the platter, each with a matching garnishes. The 4 finger foods consist of 2 cold and 2 warm dishes. In short: a wide range of colorful dishes that deserve their place one by one in beautiful surroundings.


These young chefs not only share a passion. They also share a future, our future. To give them the opportunity to cook with the tastiest (and not only the most beautiful or common) fish that the sea offers them, and everything else that nature has to offer, it is important that we start to protect our nature. Moreover, nature - and the North Sea - offers us so much beauty in all its shapes and colors that it provided the necessary inspiration.

ECO-platter with fish dishes

For the design of the platter we resolutely draw the ecological card. Not only in terms of material selection, but in terms of usability. The unique, sloping layers are made from recycled yoghurt jars (white layers) and PET bottles (blue layer) from the North Sea. Moreover, these different layers were not glued together, so that they can easily be changed by a different material and the platter can easily be reused. The combination of the sleek, contemporary shape with the fresh and durable material provides a very qualitative and contemporary tribute to the North Sea.

The color choice and elaboration of the shape fit nicely with the inspiration of the North Sea and the fish preparations. For example, there is sufficient space on each level for dressing the dishes and their matching garnishes.

Finger foods, salade bowl
& sauce bowls

In addition to the platter, small plates were also made in the same material. These round plates are made up of only two levels to distinguish between two hot and two cold finger foods. Two sauce bowls (each with their unique color accent) and bowl for the salad were also worked out in the same aesthetic as the platter. Together they form one beautiful whole. By keeping the shapes very simple and sleek, all these elements get a contemporary and fresh look that lifts the dishes to an even higher level.

Menu card

The menu became an example of craftsmanship with a visual nod to the plateau. At the front we see again the rolling lines and the recognizable color palette of the platter. The blue, recycled foil provides a playful touch together with the recycled paper. Inside follows an explanation of the dishes designed in a simple but young way.

Making of

Many hands make light work, and that was no different for this project. We would like to thank all partners who participated in this fantastic project and certainly also the Horeca Vlaanderen team. Thank you for your cooperation and trust.

Winning team

Stijn D’Hondt / Creative director
Peter Van de Sijpe / Art director
Studio EVA / productdesign en uitvoering
Team Horeca Vlaanderen

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