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In the run-up to World Fairtrade Day, we have put Cotton, coffee, cocoa and ananas in the spotlight. Literally! The message? Fair is more sustainable!

Creative briefing

Sustainability has never played such a big role in our lives. What is often given too little thought is that fair trade ensures sustainable trade. Only when we talk about fair trade can it continue to exist in the long term. With Fairtrade products you therefore contribute to a sustainable world, in which a fair income for producers is central. This is the main message and also the starting point of the campaign.

Behind the scenes

We have marketed this message in a very accessible and visual way. A range of locations was carefully selected based on the link to the products. Striking Visuals were custom designed and every day of the week a new product was put in the spotlight in a new location, literally! The products were projected meters in size on the striking buildings. A nice line-up that provided a lot of visibility and a clear message. If you want to create impact, you better do it right!

Ghelamco Arena, Ghent

Ghent is known as the first Fairtrade municipality in our country. That is why the so called 'Artevelde city' was given the scoop, and what kind of one! Ghent is also known for its industrial past, more specifically focused on cotton. This provides the appropriate link with Fairtrade cotton and the playful t-shirts depicted at the Ghelamco arena.

Residence Groenveld, Leuven

Residence Groenveld is a residence for students at KU Leuven. KU Leuven is known for having one of the largest collections of banana varieties. We ourselves only find 1 or 2 types of bananas in the supermarket. The university in Leuven has no fewer than 250 different varieties!

Pilar VUB, Elsene

We are all guilty of the usefulness of a nice cup of coffee. At the VUB, students are known to drink huge amounts of coffee. Hence the playful link with coffee.

MAS, Antwerp

The MAS, a symbol for Antwerp, a stone's throw from the port. The port of Antwerp is known as one of the largest traders of cocoa beans worldwide. In other words: a very crucial role in providing us with one of our beloved products. Reason enough to cover the MAS with a delicious layer of chocolate.

Brussels Museum for mill and food, Evere

Finally, the food museum in Evere follows, with the reveal of the campaign. A real homecomer. The place that brings all products together and explains the true nature of the campaign: If you want to make a difference, buy Fairtrade products, because fair is sustainable.

Winning team

Team Fairtrade Belgium
tBEDRIJF / videomapping & -projection
Conci / Video

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