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Experience project Brussels Airport

/ VisitFlanders

graphic design / storytelling / art direction / video

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VisitFlanders and Brussels Airport launched an experience project at the national airport on June 10, 2018 to put Flanders in the spotlight as a tourist destination. Several gates were submerged in our Flemish assets: from gastronomy to cycling to our Flemish Masters.

Creative briefing

In the two piers of the airport, different gates are set up as experience corners where tourists can get acquainted with our Flemish attractions, such as the Flemish Masters, cycling and our gastronomy. These experience corners consist of a booth with image and video material and adapted furniture such as personalized tables. The project is mainly aimed at international travelers, both arriving and departing passengers. This sets the tone for the visit with a good first impression for arriving passengers and leaves a lasting impression during the last moments of departing passengers.

Behind the scenes

Each experience corner puts a different aspect in the spotlight. For example, tourists can participate in the victory stage with Eddy Merckx and Greg Van Avermaet, by taking a selfie like a real Flemish Masters portrait, etc ...


In this corner, Rubens and Antwerp are the main focus. In a large historical setting, tourists get to see images of the precision with which Rubens worked. The details that were processed in his masterpieces are enlarged here by using a large screen. Also the link with Antwerp is clear by using photo material and a general destination video.


This gate focuses its appearance on Van Eyck, in combination with both Bruges and Ghent. In addition to getting acquainted with the two large art cities and Van Eyck's work as Flemish Masters, tourists have the opportunity to have themselves photographed as if it was just a painting by the master himself.

"Over 75 million arriving and departing passengers will thus come into contact with the advantages of tourist Flanders in the coming 3 years."

Peter De Wilde, CEO VisitFlanders


Get acquainted with both our classic and contemporary cycling icons: Eddy Merckx, Tom Boonen and Jolien D'Hoore ... one by one they got a place on the illustration that was put on the table at this corner. You can also take a picture on the victory stage between Eddy Merckx and Greg van Avermaet. You also get to know our famous Flemish cycling classics such as the Tour of Flanders, Ghent Wevelgem, Omloop Het Nieuwsblad, etc ...


However, we can't forget our culinary assets. Tourists - both adults and children - can sit here at a covered table full of Flemish culinary classics ranging from vol-au-vent, over stew and tomato shrimp. An animation video shows the way our chicory travels from the field to our plate. A video on the back of the stand introduces you to various ambassadors of our culinary world.

"Passengers can experience our rich culture from very close by crawling behind a picture frame or triumphing on the Flemish cobblestones."

Arnaud Feist, CEO Brussels Airport

Gate B10

The mystery surrounding the Mystic Lamb of course cannot be missing. At this gate Jan Van Eyck's masterpiece is put in the spotlight even more. The complete Mystic Lamb can be admired in full glory - in a smaller edition - and travelers are encouraged to discover more about this mystery in the center of Ghent.

Winning team

Video / Volstok, Gieljan Van Goethem

Illustratie / Neil Stevens

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