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Booze Bazar branding

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storytelling / brand identity / graphic design / webdesign

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A company event, wedding party, communion party, ... reasons enough to celebrate in good company with a nice cocktail. With tailor-made cocktail catering, Booze Bazar is the ideal extra seasoning for your event.

Creative briefing

For this brand identity it was not only the intention to appeal to the right target group, but also to exude fun and quality. The new style was on one hand translated into the fixed brand identity products, but also in a trendy contemporary website.

Behind the scenes

A stylized black and white logo, combined with playful pastel-colored graphic elements. The tone is immediately set. Both complement each other well and provide a nice change. The graphical elements are conceived in a playful way and thus form the perfect counterpart to the stylish logo.

A stylized black-and-white logo that - in an abstract way - refers to the cocktails, combined with playful pastel-colored graphic elements.

In addition, you can find all the information on the Booze Bazar website: a well-arranged onepager who provides you with the necessary information in a fresh way.

The website was also supplemented with a series of tasteful, custom-made photos that perfectly match the visual style: they radiate color and pleasure and, moreover, immediately make you fancy cocktails!

Winning team

Thomas Van Groenweghe / webdevelopment

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