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Bocuse d'Or

/ Bocuse d'Or Belgium

storytelling / graphic design / product design / art direction / video

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In 2019 the time has come: Belgium may re-enter the final of the prestigious Bocuse d'Or, better known as the world championship of gastronomy.

The Belgian tricolor is defended in Lyon by chef Lode De Roover and commis Piet Vande Casteele.

Creative briefing

The final, which takes place in Lyon, consists of several parts: the preparation of both a starter and main course within a time span of exactly 5h35. The main course becomes the prestige piece of the menu, presented on a unique platter on which more than 60 dishes are presented. The product design of this showpiece, as well as the development of the menu and the total communication campaign, we were only too happy to take care of.


Bocuse d'Or is the high mass of international gastronomy. As many as 24 countries from all over the world may take part in the final. So it's the perfect time to put a fine piece of craftsmanship on the table.

The craftsmanship of the Flemish Masters and the richness of their masterpieces provided the inspiration. Going from the richly filled still lifes, to the millstone collar in the portraits of the nobility and the details of the crackle of the varnish. These details can be found throughout the various products that have been developed. One reference is clearer than the other, but all together they form one whole and a nice nod to the formerly masters.


The video clearly reveals the theme of team Belgium, namely the 'Flemish Masters'. Through a playful presentation of the team, subtle references are made to the medieval millstone collar that is often seen in paintings by Rubens and other old masters of the arts. Perfectionism, combined with typical Belgian humor, immediately sets the right tone.

Platter with the main dish

The platter is based on the shape of the classic millstone collar, typical of noble portraits. In addition, the platter is a fine example of homegrown craftsmanship, with 42 white and 100 golden aluminum ribs as a solid basis of the whole, in combination with white corian.

The corian was lasered with a very precise crackle pattern, which can also be found in the holder of the roulade, as well as in the crisps.

The platter has a diameter of 90 cm and offers space for up to 60 dishes and was developed in collaboration with Tomas Aelterman.


The menu was finished in a high-quality way in line with the detailed elaboration of the platter. On the front we show an abstract version of the platter, using the combination of gold foil printing and blind printing. This immediately gives the right, high-quality appearance. Inside, on the one hand, the dishes are explained, and on the other hand the inspiration for the design of the platter.

Making of

Many hands make light work, and that was no different for this project. We would like to thank all partners who have contributed to this fantastic project and certainly also the team of Bocuse d'Or Belgium. Thank you for the cooperation and the trust.

Winning team

Stijn D'Hondt / Creative director
Peter Van de Sijpe / Art Director
Tomas Aelterman, Jonas Van Welden, Niels Carnoy / productdesign
Beeldcollectief / photography campaign image + video recording
Pieter D'Hoop / photography dishes and platter
Dejaegher graphics / printing company menu
Team Bocuse d'Or Belgium

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