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Wel Jong Niet Hetero
doesn't stick to the old days

/ Wel Jong Niet Hetero

campaign against gender stereotypes and heteronormativity

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After winning the audience prize of De Standaard Solidariteitsprijs and the accompanying LGBT-on-sale promotion at Meir in Antwerp, Wel Jong Niet Hetero is now launching a series of three advertisements that are featured in De Standaard. These advertisements show the three brand new spokespersons of the organization.

Don't stick to the old days

"With the baseline "don't stick to the old days", we send a clear message to the world to break through the stereotyped gender patterns and heteronormative role divisions. Hereby the three brand new spokespersons Jitske Van de Veire, Naomi Van Hauwermeiren and Senne Misplon are shown, each in a situation that typifies them”, says Stijn D’Hondt, creative director of Heren Loebas. “It is striking how the media and advertising world continue to stick to traditional role patterns. You know them: the white family, consisting of a father, mother and two children who take a day trip. Male deodorant as a lure for feminine beauty. The woman as a cleaning agent and the man as an electrical expert ... An incredible number of examples where gender and heteronormativity prevail. There are still a lot of options for this. ”

Jitske Van de Veire

Jitske chose the message "My girlfriend's bra, whiter than white." “I notice both in advertisements and in daily life that heterosexual and gender norms are often used. For example, we always assume that a couple consists of a man and a woman and we also attach expectations to this, namely that the man is the strong protector and the woman takes on the caring role. When I walk hand in hand along the street with my girlfriend Marthe, I'm stared at. When we go to a restaurant together and someone has to taste the wine, people are often confused. Because usually this is asked to the man. Even when people acknowledge that we are a couple as lesbian girls, the question continues to be who is the male in our relationship. "

Naomi Van Hauwermeiren

Naomi, in turn, wants to focus primarily on gender equality with the message "Deo does not need gender". “Advertising is one of the many factors that determine our worldview. Every young person goes in search of role models, examples to be able to mirror themselves and thus accept themselves. This still remains difficult for LGBT and trans youngsters. Flemish television is actively used to show different forms of relationships and gender identities. The advertising world can still take many steps in this direction. In this way, a diverse idea of sexuality and gender roles is given to the viewer in a subtle way. ”

Senne Misplon

Senne also speaks as the third spokesperson. “Many tasks in daily life are assigned to a specific gender. It is not necessary to always want to put people in boxes. Moreover, this makes life as a trans person often complicated.

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