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Make a Mark Brussels:
14 organisations, more than 50 creatives
and 12 hours to make the difference

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social entrepeneurship

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The principle of Make a Mark Brussels is simple: designers and developers are brought together for one day to voluntarily work on projects for the most impactful organizations in our capital.

Social entrepreneurship

Nowadays you don't have to put a lot of effort into it, or you will be confronted with the term 'social entrepreneurship'. It may seem like a hollow concept, but the essence is completely correct: using your knowledge and expertise to give something back to society in this way. That is also the basic principle of Make a Mark, a concept that came over from the United States and got its European premiere in Brussels.

Make a Mark
Some of the problems of our society are solved by non-profit organizations whose operation often appeals to a large number of volunteers. Their work deserves the best design, marketing and technology, but these are too often beyond the reach of these organizations. Most non-profit organizations do not have the resources, time or know-how to design and develop the things for which we often only need one day to make.

So for 12 hours the best designers and developers are gathered to work on projects for the most impactful organizations in the most creative and targeted communities around the world.

Make a Mark is about creating an equivalent design for organizations that are concerned about the most difficult problems in our cities, being a slave about subsidies and reports, and sacrificing money and time with their families so we don't have to deal with the same problems think about it or solve it.

By working to help non-profit organizations, you offer beautiful design and technology that allows you to provide grants and share stories. But more importantly, we share experiences and spread hope to each other. We thank a small thank you to those in our society who work tirelessly. We build empathy in a world that needs it.

Pool is Cool & Wheel of care

Both Peter and Stijn participated, individually, in Make a Mark Brussels for Pool is cool en Wheel of care respectively.

Pool is cool represents the reintroduction of outdoor swimming in Brussels. A group of expats lived in Brussels and realized that there is no possibility of outdoor swimming in Brussels. They want to reintroduce this with the help of fun, temporary projects, to bring this lack to the attention. Together with Griet Lecompte and Emel Aydin, Peter started to devise campaign material to draw attention to future projects and also to involve less accessible target groups in this and to encourage participation.

Wheel of care is a collaboration between midwives and nurses who offer home care in and around Brussels. Their main features are slow care, warm care and attention to the sustainable use of materials and transport. For example, all home visits are made using an electric bicycle to make Brussels a greener city. Klaartje Busselot and Emma Poorters worked together with Stijn on the development of a creative and valuable maternity gift.

Een welgemeende bedanking

Deze fantastische dag was natuurlijk nooit mogelijk geweest zonder twee grote partners in dit verhaal, namelijk Gwen Dubois - aka Gwentibold - en Muntpunt Brussel. Superhard bedankt om dit allemaal in goede banen te leiden en veel respect voor al jullie organisatieskills - én jullie geduld!

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