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Japan, the land of the rising sun and Mount Fuji, that appeals to the imagination of many. All the more reason for Heren Loebas to make a discovery, to get inspiration from it and to make contact with local creatives.

The country is richly filled and exudes discipline, an eye for detail and customization. It didn't take long before our hearts were conquered and we were completely devoted to this country. Sharing is caring, that's why we like to share our love for Japan with you.

Inflight safety instructions

The tone was set immediately upon departure from Brussels Airport. Instead of the well-known inflight safety instructions that are demonstrated by flight attendants, a video is played that communicates the safety rules in a playful way and at the same time is a clear nod to the typical Japanese culture. We were already fans!


The major cities are real metropolises and offer something for everyone, including architecture. In Tokyo, the Ginza and Omotesando districts are not only perfect for shopping. They also give the window shoppers sufficient pleasure. Many major brands have their flagship stores in these neighborhoods, often designed by so-called starchitects. Some names on the list are Herzog & de Meuron, Tadao Ando, Kengo Kuma, Toyo Ito, etc ...

Although it does not always have to be the major, prestigious projects that will be honored. Architecture is also honored in the elaboration of the compact city houses that can be found everywhere in Japan. They stand out for their simplicity, eye for detail and ingenuity.

Creative symbiosis

The Japanese fully understand the symbiosis between different art forms. Not only how they support each other, but also how they can reinforce each other. Teshima Art Museum (Ryue Nishizawa and Rei Naito) and Chichu Art Museum (Tadao Ando, James Turrell, Claude Monet and Walter De Maria) are perfect examples of this. A nice connection between architecture, landscape and art. Together they form one whole, one large work of art with a unique experience. Everything is interconnected and that starts with the road to the entrance, the construction to the work of art, the demand for silence, to take your shoes off out of respect and not to take pictures or use your smartphone.

copyright photos: Iwan Baan


Both in the center of a busy metropolis and in the peaceful nature there are forms of faith to be found. The many, often vermilion red, temples, shrines and pagodas are, together with Buddha, a recognizable sign of faith.


You not only get inspiration from what you see, but also from meetings with people. People on the street, but also local creatives, each with his or her specialty. On the one hand, life is brightened up with smiling faces, striking illuminated signs and specially composed music for each metro station. On the other hand, they find peace in the simplicity of design and thoughtful architecture.

Yuji Tanabe is an architect from Kamakura. It is a symbol of contemporary Japanese architecture, where people try to get the maximum functionality from the small - and sometimes weirdly shaped - pieces of land on which to build. The houses have a contemporary look, but still fit the Japanese philosophy and way of life.

Where Jizodou from Kyoto brings peace - and winks at the faith - with her handmade ceramic sculptures, Tottococotto brightens the world with playful and colorful illustrations. The work of Tottococotto is a good example of how in Japan graphic design and illustration complement each other and bring a story together.

The work of creatives such as Keiichi Tanaami, Yayoi Kusama and Shiota Chiharu naturally also appeals to the imagination. While the work of Tanaami and Kusama is very frivolous, Chiharu digs more into the soul of man - and often into her soul. Her work was exhibited in the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo.


As soon as you board the train or the metro, you will notice it: you will hear music with every announcement and stop. Often these soundscapes vary depending on which line you take or in which station you stop. They are not just standard sounds. We owe this to Minoru Mukaiya. He composed a tailor-made, 7-second soundscape for many Japanese stations. For this, he relies on the movement of the train, the direction from which they enter the stations and depart again. Each time a unique experience that gives your train or metro ride an extra dimension and immediately makes it much more pleasant.

Structure vs. weirdness

The most fascinating aspect of Japanese society is the contrast between discipline and structure on the one hand, and the absurdity and extravagant on the other. People are nicely waiting in line for the shinkansen who arrives and departs right up to the second, wait at the red light to cross, do not call on the metro, etc…. At the same time they relax in one of the many arcades (with floors full of game slots and an abundance of smoke, flashes of light and sound effects), go to Maid bars - a kind of cosplay café where the servants are dressed as maids, inspired by traditional French maids. These girls are only responsible for innocent entertainment and everything in the cafe is as cute as possible.


This term refers to everything that is cute. In the street scene you can find mischievous, smiling faces everywhere. Ranging from street works, to mailboxes, cookies, candies, cakes and so on.

Booktip: Made in Japan

We discovered this book during our stay in Osaka at the ‘Book & bed’ capsule hotel.

A book about graphic design and advertising, made in Japan. The label "Made in Japan" is often a quality label used. You will also be introduced to the pure and minimalist design typical of the country.

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