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Junior National Culinary Team
and Heren Loebas awarded
at the ‘Culinary Olympics’

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The Junior National Culinary Team Belgium is the promising team that represents our country in culinary junior competitions.

For their participation in the 'Olympiade der Köche' in Stuttgart, Heren Loebas designed an ecological platter, made from recycled plastic from the North Sea. Dishes were then served to the jury, which consisted of the largest top chefs worldwide. A strong statement to the food sector, which still faces significant amounts of waste.

Platter made by North Sea plastics

To give the junior chefs the opportunity to cook with the tastiest fish that the sea offers them, it is important that we protect our nature. That is why Heren Loebas, in collaboration with Studio-E.V.A., resolutely opted for ecology and sustainability when designing the platter for their buffet. Not only in terms of material choice, but also in terms of employability. The unique, sloping layers are made from recycled yoghurt pots (white layers) and PET bottles (blue layer), all from the North Sea. The combination of the sleek, contemporary shape with the fresh and durable material makes for a very qualitative and contemporary ode to the North Sea.

Finger foods, salad bowl & sauce bowls

In addition to the platter, small plates were also developed, consisting of only two levels, to distinguish between hot and cold finger foods. Two sauce bowls and a bowl for the salad were also worked out in the same aesthetic of the plateau. In this way they form one beautiful whole. By keeping the shapes very simple and sleek, all these elements get a contemporary and fresh look that takes the dishes to an even higher level.

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