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KIKK Festival in Namur

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The 10th edition of KIKK Festival took place in Namur from 4 to 7 November. As usual, Heren Loebas was there to soak up the atmosphere and get the necessary dose of inspiration.

Just like we do in our newsletters and the Instagram account of Loebas loves, we like to share our inspiration with you. That is why we made this overview of inspirational lectures that we attended during KIKK Festival.

KIKK was started in 2011 in Namur and is a non-profit organization that promotes digital and creative cultures. They build bridges between art, culture, science and technology and do this on the basis of 4 major projects. The now well-known KIKK Festival is one of them.

Isabelle Arvers on decolonisation, feminism and queerness in gaming

At first sight you might not think this, but there is still a lot of work to be done in the field of these themes. Ranging from the representation and presence of women in games, the environment in which the computer game takes place, but also the music you hear and the language spoken. One by one, these are all elements that contribute to the experience of the game and how you identify yourself with it. Gamers from India, or Africa for example, have a very different culture than we can in Europe and America. Moreover, games do not have to have a purely recreational role, but can also be used for educational purposes.

Discover more on Isabelle's website and Instagram

Cyril Diagne on different levels of artificial intelligence

Humans have been coming into contact with artificial intelligence for longer than we might think, albeit in different forms and different degrees. It is especially important to look at the way in which the interaction arises and the value associated with it. A good example is Clippy, the computer assistant that some of us still know.

Discover more on Cyril's website and Instagram

KIKK in town with Stephanie Lüning and others

Stephanie Lüning is a German artist. Her focus is on ephemeral, process-based art in public space and on interactive art. With these different methods, she tries to fathom the generic limits of “painting” and her “open-ended” results.

The artwork during KIKK consisted of a foam installation that slowly descends the stairs. The artwork is constantly in motion and very accessible to the general public. During the performance on Friday, the Belgian flag was central.

Discover more on Stephanie's website and Instagram

Liva Grinberga of MediaMonks on 'Leadership and people'

Liva works as an art director with a fantastic global team of designers with the aim of delivering top quality work that inspires both clients and designers. Everything went smoothly until corona 'hit' and she herself had her first panic attack when she resumed work after giving birth. This helped her to find a way to deal with this herself and to be able to talk about it openly, but also to gain more insight into how she best manages her team and can deal with similar situations.

Discover more on Liva's website and Instagram and the website of MediaMonks

Loulou João and the fantastic world of Miss Focket

We've known Loulou for a while - we're going way back! We started together in Nest, the temporary use of the old library in Ghent. Loulou is a 3D illustrator and animator with African routs. She uses this to highlight political, cultural, socio-economic and historical elements in an accessible, colorful way. She does this by creating persons who live in an alternative universe where everything is possible. The illustrations and videos are very playful, but each time contain a very social message and undertone. The combination of both creates a very nice field of tension.

Discover more on Loulou's website and Instagram

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