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Heren Loebas says 'hello'
to young refugees

/ Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen

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Heren Loebas, in collaboration with strategic partner Link Inc, came up with a campaign for Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen: ‘De Geluksbrengers’ - The Lucky Charms.

A simpel 'hello'

Saying ‘hello’. It seems so simple and silly, but for some it’s just the beginning of a warm start. That is the philosophy with which Heren Loebas started. We came up with a campaign in which a four-leaf clover symbolizes "the lucky charms" (Geluksbrengers).

Small commitment, big gesture.

Lucky charms come in all forms: some simply say hello, others volunteer to help young refugees realize their dreams for the future. With that clover you can show that you are open to young refugees. The symbol will be widely visible on flags, badges, posters, masks, Facebook profiles…

With this campaign Heren Loebas wants to ensure that everyone will soon be a good luck charm. The gentlemen already say “hello” to refugees. Cities and municipalities such as Leuven, Veurne and Lichtervelde also show their great heart and welcome refugees. They make an extra effort to give the young people a warm and safe home.

Small commitment, big gesture. Are you saying hello too?

Winning team

Agency: Heren Loebas
Strategy: Link Inc
Concept and creation: Stijn D’Hondt & Peter Van de Sijpe
Strategist: Kristine De Smet
Video: Dennis Loquet / Frederick Deloddere

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