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Heren Loebas wins golden
Henry van de Velde Award 2020

/ Henry van de Velde Awards


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On January 22 the award show of the prestigious Henry van de Velde Awards took place in BOZAR in Brussels. Heren Loebas was nominated in the Graphic and Communication category with the B401 Bruggenbouwers project and was able to redeem the gold award.

With the Graphic and Communication category, the jury honors a new or improved product, service or system, printed or digital, in which a form of communication or communication medium clearly has added value and ensures clear communication that effectively reaches its target group.

For the B401 Bruggenbouwers project, Heren Loebas opted for the development of an (online) community. On the other hand, the portraits of 14 bridge builders, Gentenaars with a vision for the future over the B401 viaduct, were placed meters high on the pillars of the viaduct to interact directly with the passers-by and the users of the viaduct.

"We are very happy with the recognition for this great project," said Stijn D’Hondt, creative director. “The project shows a substantive process that has been translated in a very personal and authentic way. It is great to see that this appeals and convinced the jury. ”

The project is on display at BOZAR in Brussels and can be viewed free of charge until 24 March 2020.

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