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Heren Loebas gives a Fair Card
to Fairtrade Belgium

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Fairtrade Week: the perfect moment to draw even more attention to fair trade. This year Fairtrade Belgium emphasized on social justice and helped Belgians discover the Fairtrader in themselves.


The purpose of the campaign was simple: put someone who is committed to social justice and fair trade in the spotlight by thanking them with a Fair Card. The Fair Card can be seen as the red/yellow card from the football. However, not to punish certain actions, but to reward and celebrate certain behaviour, actions or initiatives. In this accessible and playful way we showed that fairness is in all of us and that it is only a small step to take it one step further.

“In this campaign, we mainly emphasized the sense of community. Creating a movement that people want to be a part of. The hashtag #WeAreAllFairtraders was used everywhere, a hashtag that is very activating and at the same time shows fairness in all of us," says Stijn D'Hondt, creative director of Heren Loebas.

The campaign spread through many different channels. There was, of course, the physical Fair Card that you could give someone as a token of recognition. You could also give these via social media, using filters for your Instagram stories and posts. Social media templates were also developed for Fairtrade partners, such as retailers, Fairtrade municipalities and the like. A campaign video explaining the Fair Card principle was also distributed online. In addition, in some places you could also take a selfie in the Fair Card mirror and Fair Card Awards were also presented to none other than Queen Mathilde, Eliane Tillieux – President of De Kamer and Minister Meryame Kitir. One by one, they were honored for their commitment to social justice and to help build a better world.

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