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Heren Loebas creates visual stories that are so creative that people want to see them.

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Fair and honest cooperation between Fairtrade
Heren Loebas & We Are Tribe

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Fairtrade Belgium partners with Heren Loebas and We Are Tribe. In the coming years, these three will join forces to put Fairtrade even more on the map.

Heren Loebas & We Are Tribe become the creative partners of Fairtrade Belgium. They recently won a pitch, in which they competed with various creative agencies. Fairtrade responds:

“We immediately felt that we were going to work fairly with Heren Loebas and We Are Tribe. No-nonsense, sincere, to the point. Just fair. We like that. But of course we also fell for their generous dose of visible and tangible creative energy. ”

Match made in heaven

Heren Loebas is the creative studio of Stijn D'Hondt and Peter Van de Sijpe from Ghent, born from their shared passion for design and storytelling. Their mission is to leave a playful mark on the world. In this collaboration they take the lead in the creative process.

We Are Tribe is a collective of freelancers who consciously want to use their creativity (more) to make a difference. They do this for their customers - idea owners, business owners & change agents - but also through their own Tribe projects, which they support together. We Are Tribe will monitor the strategic and ethical aspects of this collaboration.

In short: a match made in heaven between these three partners, where ethics are of paramount importance.

Both are very pleased to work with Fairtrade Belgium and see many opportunities to put them even more on the map.

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