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Bis gets a new, recognizable
and warm face

/ Bis, by Easyfairs

campaign launch

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On Saturday, bis will open its doors with a new face this year. The campaign provides a fresh breeze, a new face. The latter may be taken quite literally in this case.

From strategy to creation

After completing a strategic preliminary phase, a series of 5 campaign images with corresponding baseline were developed for this campaign, each with its own focus. On the one hand referring to the target group, on the other hand to the wide range that the offer is rich in. The images are playful and recognizable, and at the same time very accessible.

The faces of the people were replaced by yellow houses. By giving them facial expressions, the feeling with the image remains very recognizable. The combination of the people with the papercraft houses provides a very accessible image, which at the same time gives sufficient recognisability and clearly shows what the fair stands for.

The visuals will be shown through many channels, such as tickets, posters, billboards, but also during a PR promotion at Ghent Sint-Pieters and Kortrijk stations, among others.

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