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Athena, white pit in a rough husk

/ Athens, the birthplace of
the democracy, street-art and


Volg je

This time, for our inspirational trip, we went to the birthplace of democracy, the place with such a long and rich history, which certainly appeals to the imagination: Athens.

In order to be able to work on our projects with a fresh and broad view, we occasionally go out to be inspired and to connect with other designers, cultures and customs. The experience of the entire Greek culture ensured that we can get started full of new inspiration.

Rough husk

From the first steps you take in Athens, you will feel the atmosphere of the city. In 2008, Athens suffered from the crisis that caused the country to go bankrupt. You can still notice the traces of this to this day. Many buildings are empty, in poor condition and 'branded' with graffiti tags. It gives the city an urban and edgy feel. Among the many tags you can also find beautiful street art in many different styles. You will be surprised again and again and it provides nice variations during a walk through the city.

2004 Olympic Games

Not only the banking crisis left its mark. In 2004 Greece hosted the Olympic Games, 108 years after the first 'modern' Games started. Greece went no less than 97% over budget, resulting in a financial hangover and a lot of specific, huge venues that are largely in ruins to this day. These examples of modern architecture (from Calatrava, among others) can hardly bring you back to the lively atmosphere and Olympic spirit that once reigned there. Many plans to repurpose the sites fell through, leaving unused ghosts of the past.

The white - historic - pit

The rough side of the city appeals to us. It shows that the city is alive and it gives individuality and character. The combination with the rich and ancient history makes it even more interesting. It is almost impossible to realize how long ago mankind settled in this place. Witness to this are many historical sites throughout the city, with the ubiquitous Acropolis that stands out majestically all over the city. Moreover, the architectural style and the ornaments added to it appeal enormously to the imagination: a very visual and at the same time graphic style was used not only in the buildings, but also in richly decorated pitchers and vases.

A phoenix rising from the ashes

The great thing about a crisis is that it offers the opportunity for a new start. It creates new possibilities and fuels creativity not only for entrepreneurs, but also in the architectural field - of which the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, designed by Renzo Piano, is a good example. Characteristic is the sloping roof, which is largely covered by a beautiful and lively park. This not only makes the building sustainable, it also gives a valuable piece of the city back to the community. This park also gives access to the beautiful vantage point on top of the building, with a view of the bay of Athens on the one hand and the city itself on the other. An imposing building and at the same time a relief in the busy center of the city.

Some of - our - hotspots

To conclude, we would like to share with you a number of nice addresses that we discovered during our trip. From creative studios, nice local brands or cozy coffee bars or restaurants. Something for everyone!


Hyper Hypo is a cosy, alternative bookshop that also sells design objects, prints and zines in a beautiful blue decor.


G Design Studio is a small studio specialized in media-wide brandings and campaigns.


SOUL is a creative studio with a playful, colorful style with a perfect balance between art and communication.

Street art

Electrical boxes are decorated with graffiti artworks throughout the streets. Be sure to explore! Variation trump!

MonCoin studio

With a nod to the ancient tradition, the studio is known for its modern, colorful and slightly playful ceramics.

​La Mouette Ermou

A nice, hip apartment to stay in Psiri, a lively area in the center of the city. You have everything at your fingertips!

S.I.X. dogs

Fancy a nice coffee in the afternoon or a cocktail in the evening? Then this cozy courtyard is the place to be!


Street food is a thing in Athens! Can't wait until 9 pm? Then go get a delicious, authentic falafel at Falafellas!

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