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Aalst, city of your dreams

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At the beginning of July, the starting signal was given for an online tourism campaign for Visit Aalst. A campaign in which you discover the different aspects of the city, but above all where you completely dream away. A dreamy universe, completely tailor-made by Heren Loebas.

“Aalst is a hidden gem that has yet to be discovered by many people. The city is seen by many as an industrial city and is often only linked to carnival, while there is so much more to experience," says Peter Van de Sijpe - Art director. “Aalst is not only known for its carnival, but also for its creativity, satire, guts and craftsmanship. The campaign is therefore interspersed with these qualities in various ways and we play them to the fullest. This ensures that we can go that little bit further, because it completely fits the DNA of the city.”

In the series of three videos, we take the viewer to the dream world that Aalst awakens in you. A dream world that brings out the best in you, finished with an edge of typical Aalster craftsmanship and a touch of humor.

In the coming months, the videos will mainly be distributed via social media channels, Youtube, VTM Go and HLN.

Winning team

Client: Visit Aalst en dienst economie van Stad Aalst

Agency: Heren Loebas
Creative Director: Stijn D’Hondt
Art director: Peter Van de Sijpe

Video: Kartouch
Creative director: Jordy Weyers
Managing director: Sil Schoofs
Head of production: Rani Farkas
Camera: Bert Degraeve

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