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Heren Loebas creates visual stories that are so creative that people want to see them.

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Endless love, limited edition

/ Heren Loebas & Hero On Socks

loveproject / graphic design / packaging design

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There's little that makes us happier than true love. Right? Although this is not always granted to everyone. With the KisSocks we want to spread a colorful and loving message to everyone.


Whether you are male or female, or anything in between, with long, short, crooked, brown or bright white toes ... Love is love! And so you can secretly combine them to your heart's content with the KisSocks of others. Go on, free of feet!

The socks are for sale via Hero on Socks (click here)

Winning team

We would like to thank the Hero on Socks-team. It gives us pleasure to see how we created this project and how we can send this strong message together. Thanks for making this possible, together with us!

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