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Tele-Onthaal wins audience prize
De Standaard Solidarity Prize

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This year Heren Loebas again took part in De Standaard Solidarity Prize. The fifth participation in the competition and the first time for Tele-Onthaal. This participation paid off because we won the public prize.

Concerns don't have a closing hour

We immediately set the tone for the ad. Tele-Onthaal is always there for you, 24/24 - 7/7, if you need a listening ear. It is completely anonymous and you can go there with all your worries, from loneliness, to loss, abuse or other dark thoughts.

That is why we have depicted Tele-Onthaal as a day/night shop, which is always open, with a lot to offer. In this way we immediately remove the whole from a context that is too loaded. The ad received the most votes from the public and thus won the audience award.

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