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A roadtrip to Scandinavia

/ Relaxing in the Netherlands
and charging in Hamburg, Copenhagen and Aarhus


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This time we were looking a little less far, a little less exotic, but at least as iconic: Denmark. We traveled on a road trip through Friesland, over Hamburg to inspire us in cities such as Copenhagen and Aarhus.

In order to be able to work on our projects with a fresh and broad perspective, we occasionally set out to be inspired and to connect with other designers, cultures and customs.

The differences between us and the Scandinavian culture are smaller, but you can clearly feel the difference. Not only the road to Copenhagen, but the experience of the entire culture ensured that we can get to work full of new inspiration.

Sagmeister & Walsh - Beauty

A stopover in Hamburg could not be missed. Not only because of the vibrant atmosphere and contemporary architecture, but also for the exhibition "Beauty" by Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh. This exhibition revolves around one question: what is beauty and what attracts us to it? A very typical and recognizable theme for the work of Sagmeister. Through simple questions, assignments and comparisons, Sagmeister and Walsh point out to us that beauty is both individual and universal and that we can find it in many places and moments in our lives. Moreover, "beauty" has undergone a true evolution throughout the 20th and 21st century which is clearly felt in many areas.


Next to the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, which is located in the station district and has to deal with many homeless people, we were introduced to this beautiful project: GoBanyo.

An old bus that has been transformed into a mobile location where homeless people can shower, because they too are entitled to hygiene and care. Moreover, after a free wash, the homeless also get their clothes washed clean.


A major source of inspiration is (contemporary) architecture and its integration into a historical context. The Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, designed by Herzorg & de Meuron, is a good example of how a historic building can be combined with iconic contemporary architecture and, moreover, forms a striking reflection of the location where it is located.

In addition, various realizations can be found in both Copenhagen and Aarhus by the well-known Danish architect Bjarke Ingels. His projects include Superkillen (a public park in the Norrebro district, designed to bring refugees and locals together and promote tolerance in one of the most ethnically diverse communities in Denmark), Copenhill (a multi-purpose building that mainly serves as a waste-to-energy plant, and also has an outdoor ski slope that can be visited all year round) and AARhus (a striking, contemporary building with mainly residential function, which has a very specific shape and features is through the large courtyard).

Just like AARhus, the development of the old port area in the eponymous city is characterized by Isbjerget from JDS Architects. A new-build project where the shape of the buildings looks like geometric ice rocks. The gradients in the glass blue balconies provide a fun, playful addition.


Aarhus has a beautiful example of Danish modernism: the town hall, designed by Arne Jacobsen and Erik Moller and opened in 1941. The town hall exudes all craftsmanship: from the marble-clad facade, the custom-made furniture, to even the custom font (designed for signage, so that it fully matches the aesthetics of the building). In short: a man with a clear vision.

This vision was also extended to the design of the Skovshoved gas station (1938). Jacobsen designed this as a prototype for the future Texaco gas stations. Unfortunately, it only remained with this one prototype.

In Aarhus we came in contact with Tonny Glismand, who, with his design studio byKATO, is part of the designers for the Danish interior label Bolia. He helped design the North, Scandinavia and Madison sofas, among other things. He is the owner of a contemporary studio that he has decorated and finished completely to size. The furniture used are prototypes of furniture that he designed for Bolia in combination with a murphy bed and tightly finished custom cabinets. At byKATO they value the high user-friendliness of their designs.


Arken Museum for Modern Art in Copenhagen

In Arken we visited the Beloved by Picasso exhibition, which sheds light on the turbulent love life of the painter and the influence that the women had in his life on his work.

Arken also offers a platform for young, Danish artists to exhibit their work here.

ARoS Kunstmuseum in Aarhus

ARoS is one of the largest museums in Northern Europe. The current exhibitions on one hand offer a view of the link between art and nature or art before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Characteristic of the museum is the artwork 'your rainbow panorama' by Olafur Eliasson, on top of the museum. The way in which each of us sees separately and the afterimage that our eyes create, creates a unique experience for each of us of this colorful work of art.

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