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/ Boeffet

storytelling / branding / graphic design / packaging

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A food truck with delicious, honest, regional and seasonal products that have you licking your lips in anticipation? Boeffet serves street food with a genuine love of its craft. The matt blue truck was finished with a subtle, glossy pattern that recurs satisfyingly throughout the branding. This new face in the street certainly catches the eye!

Creative briefing

For this house style, we needed to come up with more graphic magic than merely a logo and the obvious derivative artwork. The style was also reflected in the lettering on the food truck and the packaging of the food products. It was a tempting challenge that we really enjoyed getting our teeth into!

Behind the scenes

The logo symbolises the many facets of Boeffet. After all, they have a whole range of delights in store for foodies! We divided their products into five categories: drinks, soups, salads, desserts and focaccia. An icon was designed for each of these categories that fitted perfectly into the letter B of the logo. In this way, each category kept its own specificity within the larger whole. The icons were repeated in a playful pattern that decorated the food truck itself. It was completely wrapped in a matt, dark blue metallic foil that contrasted pleasantly with the shiny white and mint green icons. Good enough to eat!

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