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More than digital day

/ The Reference

concept / storytelling / campaign / graphic design

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Sending a pigeon fancier and a homing pigeon out with an invitation to a digital event? Why not? But then again... why? The Reference found a very odd way to attract attention this time, and it worked! The campaign was awarded the Golden Feather: how appropriate.

Creative briefing

More Than Digital Day is an annual event with keynote speakers and parallel sessions on artificial intelligence, digital transformation, online privacy, customer experience, bots & business. It is nothing short of an immersion in the digital world! To attract the attention of its critical target audience - busy managers of multinationals - we wanted to find an original way of catching them on the fly.

Behind the scenes

Our target audience’s mailboxes are overflowing with newsletters, invitations and internal e-mails. We were afraid our call would get lost in the crowd. So we decided to approach them from a different angle and get their attention in the most old-school manner possible.

The CEOs had a visit from Jozef the pigeon fancier. If they wanted to register, they had to fill in a slip and put it into the tube around a homing pigeon’s neck. Then the pigeon was sent off homewards. Once it arrived, the guest received confirmation of their registration by e-mail and text message. The target audience were delighted with this combination of analogue and digital communications. The registrations came flying in!

Winning team

The Reference / Digital Agency
Anton Vander Haeghen / copywriting
Vicky Van Daele / Project Manager
Leitmotiv / Production company

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