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Heren Loebas creates visual stories that are so creative that people want to see them.

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White Campaign

/ Optiek Van Bignoot

art direction / storytelling / social media

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Optics Van Bignoot has been know in Ghent for years now. With their wide range of glasses, they have the perfect fit for everyone. When they asked us to give them more online visibility, we were happy to do so. 

Creative brief

The original brief appeared really easy: increase the online recognizability. But it's not that easy as it looks. We searched - and found - a solution for this and developed a recognizable visual identity.

Behind the scenes

Everyone's different. Not only the way you dress, but also your glasses reflect your individuality. At Optics Van Bignoot, they have glasses that fit every character. To highlight this, we created a specific context to photograph the glasses. In these contexts not only elements were used that show the character, but are also linked to news facts. The surroundings were all painted in white so the glasses would have the main focus. Besides that, white is know as a timeless color, which also refers to the range of glasses you can buy at Van Bignoot.

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